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Construction of 110 kV Blagoveschensk-Heihe transmission line which connected energy systems of Russia and China. Start of electricity export to China in the amount of 30-160 million kWh per year.

JSC RAO UES of Russia and the State Grid Corporation of China sign a Long-Term Cooperation Agreement. On China’s initiative, the export volume is raised to 30 billion kWh per year.

The project is supported by the Russian and Chinese Governments and regional administrations in the two countries. In March 2007, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chairman of the People’s Republic of China Hu Jintao sign a Joint Declaration to support implementation of large-scale bilateral energy projects - an area of mutually advantageous cooperation between the two countries.

JSC Eastern Energy Company and the State Grid Corporation of China conclude a Contract for trial delivery of electrical power from Russia to China via existing power transmission lines – the 220 kV line between Blagoveschensk and Aygun, and the 110 kV line between Blagoveschensk and Heihe. The total volume of electric power delivered to China in 2009 is 854 million kWh.

JSC EEC funds and builds the unique 500 kV Amurskaya - Heihe overhead transmission line across the Amur River - the first international ultra-high voltage transmission line connecting the Russian Far East and northeastern China. This completes the first phase of the investment project, expanding export deliveries from Russia to China by several times. In 2011, 1.24 billion kWh of electrical energy is exported.

The 500 kV Amurskaya - Heihe line is put into operation, thereby increasing export deliveries to 6-7 billion kWh per year. JSC Eastern Energy Company - part of INTER RAO UES – signs a long-term contract with the State Power Grid Corporation of China to supply electricity via 110, 220 and 500 kV transmission lines. 2.63 billion kWh of electricity is exported from Russia to China in 2012.

An agreement on expansion of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the energy sector is signed. The Agreement covers integrated projects for the development of coal fields in the Russian Far East, Eastern and Western Siberia and the construction of coal thermal power stations and new high-voltage transmission lines, aimed at expanding electricity exports to China. JSC Eastern Energy Company exports 3.495 billion kWh of electric power to China in 2013.

3.376 billion kWh of electrical power is exported from Russia to China in 2014.

JSC Eastern Energy Company exports 3.299 billion kWh of electrical power to China in 2015.