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JSC Eastern Energy Company exported over 2 bln kW/h of electric power For the period of 9 months in 2012

By results of the three quarters of 2012, JSC Eastern Energy Company being a Russian power export operator in Far East, exported over 2 bln kW/h of electric power. The major part of the exported power volume, namely 1.8 bln kW/h, was supplied to China.


From January till September 2012, JSC Eastern Energy Company exported 1.8 bln kW/h of electric powerto China (including over 821 mln kW/h during the 3rd quarter) which twice exceeds the export indicators for the same period in 2011.


Power deliveries to China are performed within the long-term contract which is signed by JSC Eastern Energy Company and the State Grid Corporation of China in February 2012.


During the period of 9 months in 2012, JSC Eastern Energy Company exported over 266 mln kW/h of electric power to Mongolia (including 100 mln kWh of electric power during the 3rd quarter), that is by 30% higher as compared to the same period last year.


Contracts of JSC Eastern Energy Company concluded with Mongolian partners are in force since 2011 in connection with expansion of the activity region of INTER RAO UES Group. Electric power from Russia is supplied to Central and Western regions of Mongolia via overhead lines of 220 kV, 110 kV and lower voltage. Russian electric power exported to Mongolia is mainly used to cover load picks and provide power to consumers in isolated border districts of Mongolia.


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JSC Eastern Energy Company is a Russian operator on the power export project to the People's Republic of China.  Within the large-scale power export project, JSC Eastern Energy Company plans to build new generation facilities and develop the existing grid infrastructure in order to provide the approved with China power export volume. All shares of JSC Eastern Energy Company belong to JSC INTER RAO UES.


INTER RAO UES Group is a diversified energy holding which is present in different segments of the electric power industry in Russia and abroad. The company occupies leading positions in Russia in the sphere of power export/import actively expands its presence in the power generation and sales segments as well we develop new business directions. The strategy of INTER RAO UES is aimed at creating the global energy company, one of the key players in the worldwide energy market. The installed capacity of power plants, included in the INTER RAO UES Group and being under its management, is over 28 000 MW.