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In H1 2012 JSC Eastern Energy Company exported over 166 mln kw/h to Mongolia

In H1 2012, JSC Eastern Energy Company being a Russian power export operator in Far East supplied over 166 mln kW/h to Mongolia, which is 89% more as compared to the same period last year  (in H1 2011, the export volume amounted to 88 mln kW/h).

In total, over 263 mln kW/h was exported to Mongolia in 2011. In 2012, the parties plan to increase the export up to 320 mln kW/h.

JSC Eastern Energy Company contracts with Mongolian partners have been acting since 2011 due to the expansion of the Company’s activities in the region within the frames of INTER RAO UES Group.

Russian power is used in Mongolia mostly to cover the peak loads and power supply of consumers in isolated near-border areas of the country. The main power consumers in Mongolian territory are AK National Power Transmission Grid and AK Western Regional Energy System.