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EASTERN ENERGY COMPANY UPON THE RESULTS OF 9 MONTHS HAS INCREASED SUPPLY OF ELECTRIC ENERGY TO CHINA FOR ONE FORTH From January till September of the year 2011 Eastern Energy Company exported to China 925.3 million kWh of electric energy that by 25% exceeds export figures for the same period in the year 2010.
EASTERN ENERGY COMPANY HELPED TO CARRY OUT FILM FESTIVAL “AMUR AUTUMN” Eastern Energy Company became an official partner of the film festival “Amur Autumn”.
EASTERN ENERGY COMPANY ENTERED THE TOP-50 OF CONSTRUCTION SECTOR ORGANIZATIONS JSC EEC obtained a certificate of the TOP-50 rating among the companies of construction sector. The company took the 35th place in the list of the 50 major construction companies – members of the Association, “Union of Engineers”. The list with rating of construction sector companies was prepared by the Rating agency AK&M on the basis of Russian accounting standards reporting of the companies entering into the Association “Union of Engineers”. OAO EEC is a member of the Association since September, 2010.
EXPORT OF ELECTRIC ENERGY TO CHINA WILL GROW JSC Eastern Energy Company together with the Administration of the Amur region has submitted a draft of electric energy exports to China at the working meeting of the Head of the Ministry for Regional Development of Russia Viktor Basargin with the delegation from China in Moscow.
GOVERNMENT OF AMUR REGION HAS INCLUDED CONSTRUCTION OF ERKOVETSKAYA THERMOELECTRIC POWER STATION TO THE PRIORITY LIST OF INVESTMENT PROJECTS “The list of priority investment projects of the Amur region” is approved by Decree of the Government of the Amur region on August 08, 2011. There are only 16 projects in the list in the most important industries for the region - transport and infrastructure complexes, power economy, timber processing, extraction of minerals and residential construction.
YURIY SHAROV WAS REELECTED AS A CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF OJSC “EASTERN ENERGY COMPANY” Yuriy Sharov was reelected as a Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eastern Energy Company by the resolution of the Board of Directors of the Company as of June 30, 2011.
OAO EASTERN ENERGY COMPANY EXPORTED TO CHINA MORE THAN 2 BILLION KWH OF ELECTRIC POWER For two years from the day of resumption of export deliveries of electric power to the Chinese People’s Republic (March 1, 2009) OAO Eastern Energy Company exported 2 058.1 MM kWh of electric power.
Mikhail V. Shashmurin is elected general director of JSC Eastern Energy Company Mikhail Shashmurin is elected General Director of OAO Eastern Energy Company at the meeting of the Board of Directors of ОАО EEC.
IN 2011, OAO EASTERN ENERGY COMPANY WILL INCREASE THE POWER EXPORT TO CHINA BY 20% ОАО Eastern Energy Company and the State Power Grid Corporation of China have concluded a new power delivery contract to the People’s Republic of China within the frames of cross border trade. The contract provides for the increase of power export to the People’s Republic of China in 2011 by 20% – up to 1.2 bln kW/h. The document was signed in course of the official visit to Russia of the Wen Jiabao, the Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.
EASTERN ENERGY COMPANY HAS ACCOMPLISHED THE CONSTRUCTION OF A SPECIAL TRANSITION PASSAGE OF A 500KW POWER TRANSMISSION LINE ACROSS THE AMUR RIVER FROM AMURSKAYA SUBSTATION TO THE STATE BORDER OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION ОАО Eastern Energy Company (a Russian operator involved in the project of power export to China and a part of INTER RAO UES Group) has completed the construction of a special transition passage of a 500kW power transmission line over the Amur River from Amurskaya substation to the State Border of Russian Federation with the Chinese People’s Republic. Therefore, the Company implemented the initial stage of the 500 kW power transmission line investment project aimed at the increase of power export from the Russian Federation to the Chinese People’s Republic from 1 to 4.5 – 5 billion kW/h per annum.
EASTERN ENERGY COMPANY HAS JOINED CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERS ASSOCIATION ОАО Eastern Energy Company (a Russian operator involved in the project of power export to China and a part of INTER RAO UES Group) has joined non-profit partnership Construction Engineers Association.
TALKS BETWEEN REPRESENTATIVES OF EASTERN ENERGY COMPANY AND STATE GRID CORPORATION OF CHINA HELD IN MOSCOW JSC «Eastern Energy Company» (JSC «EEC», 100% subsidiary of JSC «INTER RAO UES») held talks with authorities of State Grid Corporation (SGC) of People's Republic of China – EEC partner within the project on electric power export from Russia to China. In February 2009 the parties agreed on electric power boarder trade renewal, which had been suspended in 2007, and promote working partnership on execution of the project’s first stage of electric power export to China providing for delivery expansion up to 4–5 billion kWh per year.
YURI SHAROV NOTED, «THE VISIT OF XI JINPING VICE PRESIDENT OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA WILL FACILITATE THE DEVELOPMENT OF RUSSIAN-CHINESE TRADE AND ECONOMIC COOPERATION AND THE GROWTH OF MUTUAL INVESTMENTS» The visit of Xi Jinping Vice President of the People's Republic of China will facilitate the development of Russian-Chinese trade and economic cooperation and the growth of mutual investments, – Director General of JSC «Eastern Energy Company» Yuri Sharov noted confidently. The contribution of JSC «Eastern Energy Company» (the Russian project operator for electric power export to China, the company which belongs to INTER RAO UES Group) will be the delivery of more than 1 billion kWh of electric power generated in the Amur Region to the Heilongjiang province in 2010. In 2011 JSC «Eastern Energy Company» intends to increase the export volume up to 4–5 billion kWh.
EASTERN ENERGY COMPANY DETERMINED ITS KEY ACTIVITY DIRECTIONS IN THE SHORT-TERM PERSPECTIVE Reorganization of JSC «Eastern Energy Company» (the Russian project operator for the electric power export to China, a 100% subsidiary of INTER RAO UES) to increase the efficiency of business-processes has been completed. In particular, the reorganization resulted in creation of the company’s new organizational structure on the basis of project groups, each responsible for one of the company’s key activity directions. At the present time three project groups are working in JSC «Eastern Energy Company».
EASTERN ENERGY COMPANY PLANS TO EXPORT OVER 1 BLN. KWH TO CHINA IN 2010 JSC «Eastern Energy Company» (Russian operator within the project on electric power export to China, 100% subsidiary of JSC «INTER RAO UES») plans to export over 1 bln. kWh of electric power to People's Republic of China in 2010. Electric power was supplied in the current year under the Additional agreement to the Boarder trade contract as of February 17, 2009, which had been signed between JSC EEC and the State Grid Corporation of China in the end of December 2009.
EASTERN ENERGY COMPANY EXPORTED 854 MILLION KWH TO HEILONGJIANG PROVINCE OF CHINA IN 2009 JSC «Eastern Energy Company» (Russian operator within the project on electric power export to China, 100% subsidiary of JSC «INTER RAO UES») exported 854 million kWh to Heilongjiang Province of China in 2009. Particularly, in December 2009 electric power supply to Chinese consumers in the area of Heihe amounted to about 116 million kWh.
EASTERN ENERGY COMPANY HAS LAUNCHED THE CONSTRUCTION OF KHABAROVSKAYA COMBINED CYCLE POWER PLANT TO INCREASE POWER EXPORT TO CHINA UP TO ANNUAL 5 BLN KW/H JSC Eastern Energy Company has launched the construction of a 400–500 MW Khabarovskaya CCGT. The construction of the facility is underway within the first stage of the project aimed at the increase of power export to China. The startup of Khabarovskaya CCGT TPP along with the 500 kV power transmission line connecting Amurskaya substation with the state Russian – Chinese border in Amur Region will ensure the increase of power supply Russia to China from 1 up to 4–5 bln kW/h a year.
TECHNICAL DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS ARE DEVELOPED FOR ELABORATION OF THE FEASIBILITY STUDY RELATED TO POWER TRANSMISSION LINE CONSTRUCTION PLANNED TO PROVIDE FOR CONSEQUENT POWER DELIVERIES TO THE STATES OF KOREAN PENINSULA Eastern Energy Company (EEC) being a part of INTER RAO UES Group has prepared technical design specifications for elaboration of a feasibility study for the construction of a power transmission line within the frames of the project of «Organization of mutual power deliveries between Russian Federation and Korean Republic via the territory of Korean People’s Democratic Republic». The document was submitted for approval to be granted by the specialists of Korean Electric Power Corporation, KEPCO. The ratification of Technical Design Specifications is scheduled for December 2009.
INTER RAO UES GROUP REACHED NEW MAXIMUM IN ELECTRIC POWER EXPORT TO THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA – 630 MILLION KWH JSC «Eastern Energy Company», included in INTER RAO UES Group, exported more than 630 Million kWh electric power to the People’s Republic of China during eight months 2009 (from March 1st to November 1st). It’s the maximum volume reached for almost 10 years of power deliveries. The previous export maximum was recorded in 2006 when electric power totaling 523 Million kWh was transferred to consumers in the province of Heilongjiang, bordering Russia.
PREMIER PUTIN’S VISIT TO CHINA GAVE A NEW IMPULSE TO RUSSIA’S POWER EXPORT PROJECT Vladimir Putin’s visit to China gave a new impulse to the development to power export project to China, - says Yuri Sharov, the General Director of OAO Eastern Energy Company (the Russian project operator, a part of INTER RAO UES Group).
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