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INTER RAO UES GROUP EXPORTED 523 MLN KWH TO CHINA Over the period from March to October 2009, Eastern Energy Company being a part of INTER RAO UES has exported 523 mln kWh of electric power to China. According to operative data, the power supplied to Chinese consumers in the town of Heihe (a border province of Heilongjiang) amounted to 99,3 mln kWh in September this year.
POWER EXPORT TO CHINA ENCOURAGES GENERATION AT AMUR REGION’S HYDRO POWER PLANTS According to the data provided by Eastern United Dispatch Division, for the 9 months of the year 2009, Bureiskaya and Zeiskaya hydro power plants (Amur region) have increased power generation by 21,3% as compared to the similar period of the previous year – up to 7 397,5 mln KWh. As compared with projected generation, approved in the forecasted balance of the Federal Tariff Service of Russia for 2009, power generation increased by 11,5%.
INTER RAO UES AND KOREA’S KEPCO SIGNED A MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING On Monday in Seoul, INTER RAO UES and Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at development of cooperation in the sphere of electric power industry. The memorandum confirms their mutual interest to perform joint studies of opportunities for co-projects in the sphere of construction of electric power stations and networks as well as projects in trade operations.
INTER RAO UES GROUP EXPORTED 214 MILLION KWH OF RUSSIAN ELECTRIC POWER TO CHINA During the period from March 01, 2009 till June 01, 2009, Eastern energy company (JSC EEC), included in the group of companies INTER RAO UES, exported 214 million kWh of electric power to China. Electric power was supplied to China under the contract dd February 17, 2009 concluded with the state grid corporation of China.
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